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Veterans Matter Broadcast Campaign Resources

Donate any amount by texting VETS to 41444, or by visiting our donation pageWe must take care of our own.

In cooperation with the U.S. Veterans Association (VA) and the U.S. Housing and Urban and Development (HUD), Veterans Matter has housed over 550 veterans and their veteran families, including over 200 children. With the outpouring of support for the 2014 fall campaign, we believe Veterans Matterhas the potential to compound the current funding momentum and reach its goal of getting 1,500 more vets off the streets and into safe, permanent housing by the end of 2015.

Backstory: Thanks to our earliest celebrity supporters (Dusty Hill of ZZ Top, John Mellencamp, and Kix Brooks) who voiced Veterans Matter public service announcements, Cumulus Media piloted our first radio campaign effort in the fall of 2013 on their terrestrial and streaming stations. They aired another campaign for us in May 2014, when we had the support of even more celebrities, which produced an even farther reach, gaining the attention of The White House and generating over $30,000 in micro-donations (pretty amazing how quickly $5, $20, $50 adds up!). In November 2014, radio properties in non-Cumulus markets pitched in their support, enabling us to reach all 50 states and more markets of focus for the unhoused veteran community. Funding is allocated by area of greatest need, or if there is an ongoing donor and/or volunteer support base, funds can be requested to remain local or regional.

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Featured PSAs:

This month: Big & Rich

Last month: Ice-T/Kid Rock


Campaign Resources

– Text VETS to 41444 and make a pledge or donate securely from our site.

The Campaign 

There are over 57,000 veterans still homeless on the streets of our nation. This campaign will help us raise the funds necessary to quickly help at least 1,500 of them. Below are the resources to accomplish this mission.

Campaign Press Release

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On-Air Fodder for Live Talent

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Social Media & Website Materials

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:30 Public Service Announcements

Right click the PSA links to download and save the MP3 files to your computer. Our social media & website materials include suggestions for using the official photos.

Big & Rich  Video  |  Official Photo

Darius Rucker  PSA 1  |  PSA 2  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Darryl Worley  PSA 1  |  PSA 2  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Dusty Hill (ZZ Top)  PSA 1  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Emerson Drive  PSA 1  |  PSA 2  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Heart  PSA 1  |  Official Photo  |  Video

Ice-T  PSA 1  |  PSA 2  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland)  PSA 1  |  PSA 2  |  Video

John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater)  PSA 1  |  Video  |  Official Photo

John Mellencamp  Video  |  Official Photo

Kid Rock  PSA 1  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Kix Brooks
National use: PSA 1  |  PSA 2  |  Video  |  Official Photo
Tennessee ONLY: PSA 1

Mitch Albom (Author)  PSA 1  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Natalie Stovall + The Drive   Video  |  Official Photo

Stevie Nicks  PSA 1  |  PSA 2  |  Video

Susan Sarandon  PSA 1  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Willie Nelson  PSA 1  |  Video  |  Official Photo


Campaign Logos

We’ve packaged up our Veterans Matter logo in several formats for web and print.
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