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Veterans Matter Broadcast Campaign Resources

Thank you for helping us get the word out! Your decision to run these spots WILL help house hundreds of homeless veterans. Hundreds! How cool is that!

Seriously! Please run these as often as possible in May, especially Memorial Day Weekend if at all possible. You have the power to change lives.

To refresh, Veterans Matter is an innovative new program created by a man who himself is formerly homeless, to house 30 local homeless veterans.  It has gone viral and gained the support of 30 artists and celebrities (Katy Perry, Kid Rock, Ice-T, Gary Sinise and others) who are raising funds or awareness, turning Veterans Matter into a national movement. The reason it is gaining so much attention is because it is so darn simple that we have a 100% success rate housing homeless veterans in the VA’s LONG TERM supportive housing program which has a 91% success rate keeping them there. Veterans Matter: We Take Care of Our Own.

We wanted to make this easy and convenient for you as possible. Below we have :30 Radio PSAs and/or videos designed to be suitable for a variety of radio formats. Some, like Gary Sinise Gene Hackman, Susan Sarandon and Anne Heche can be run in any radio format (Except maybe pop) as they are high appeal to the 30 – 54 demo.

We also have linked their campaign videos and official photos which you can post on your station’s websites, and social media (please), especially Memorial Day weekend.

Below that are four emotional images which too can be posted as well. For the top two we left room for your station logo on the right side below the Veterans Matter logo. And at the bottom are other resources you can use for on-air talent and social media resources if you want to go “all-in” in helping house our veterans.

Again, we thank you so much. You have the power to save veterans lives. Thank you for using that power.

Veterans Matter Campaign Contact: Evelyn Jensen |

Radio PSA’s, Videos and Photos

Right click the PSA links to download and save the MP3 files to your computer. Our social media & website materials include suggestions for using the official photos.

Anne Heche  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Big & Rich  Video  |  Official Photo

Darius Rucker  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Darryl Worley  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Dusty Hill (ZZ Top)  PSA 1  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Emerson Drive  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Gary Sinise  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Gene Hackman  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Heart  PSA  |  Official Photo  |  Video

Ice-T  PSA  |  PSA w/ Kid Rock |  Video  |  Official Photo

Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland)  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater)  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

John Mellencamp  Video  |  Official Photo

Kid Rock  PSA  |  PSA w/ Ice-T  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Kix Brooks
National use: PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo
Tennessee ONLY: PSA 1

Madison Rising  Video  |  Official Photo

Mario Lopez  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Mitch Albom (Author)  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Natalie Stovall + The Drive   Video  |  Official Photo

P.J. O’Rourke  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Stevie Nicks  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Susan Sarandon  PSA  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Willie Nelson  PSA 1  |  Video  |  Official Photo

Campaign Logos

We’ve packaged up our Veterans Matter logo in several formats for web and print.
Download here

The Campaign 

There are over 49,933 veterans still homeless on the streets of our nation. This campaign will help us raise the funds necessary to quickly help at least 1,500 of them. Below are the resources to accomplish this mission.

On-Air Fodder for Live Talent

Download here

Other Social Media & Website Materials

Click here as well as utilizing the images below.

Memorial Day 2015 campaign image - invisible