Statement from Veterans Matter

With proper precautions, Veterans Matter will continue to house as many veterans as we can, as fast as we can during this crisis.

In partnership with the VA staff, who continue to help our most vulnerable veterans get housed, every veteran needing our support will get it as long as we have the funding available for the veterans.

With remote management our committed staff will be working from home to keep up with any demand, as needed.

Personally, I want to say the unknown is often a scary, even terrifying time for many. But what is not unknown is the fact we WILL get through this.

Yes, it will be difficult time for many, but we will come out the other side. And we will get through this by helping each other, by being one who matters to one who matters.

I believe when we do get through this, we will be a united community, united nation, and a united world.

God bless America, God bless us everyone.

Ken Leslie
Advocate in Chief