A Veteran & His Family

HUD-VASH Caseworker Cory Glasgow came to us with an OEF/OIF/OND veteran with a spouse and four children who were in need of our help. They planned to stay with family until they could save up for a rental deposit, but there were issues that resulted in them having to leave immediately.

They hadn’t been able to save any money yet, and the two shelters in the area had no room for them.

“I was going to refer the veteran to our local agency for assistance but after talking to him realized he was going to have to get additional documents that he didn’t need for Section 8 but would need for the local agency,” Glasgow explained.

The veteran was discouraged that his family would have to live in their car until he could get his birth certificate and three months of bank statements.

“A referral was made to Veterans Matter instead and the veteran was able to get the deposit assistance in less than a day (well, the landlord got the confirmation email, which they took as proof of payment). The veteran was thrilled and subsequently found a job a couple of weeks later and is now several steps closer to supporting his family, which is his treatment goal,” Glasgow said.

Thanks to advocates who believe veterans and their families should never have to sleep in their cars, the family was able to get into a place of their own right away.