A Home After Three Years

Caseworker Larry Squires shared with us the story of a veteran who had been homeless for three years. Squires was with the veteran when he signed his lease with the landlord and then dropped him off at the library where he could check his email.

Squires said about 10 minutes after dropping him off, the veteran he called him in tears.

“You know, as I was walking into the library I realized I have my own apartment and a key in my pocket,” the veteran told Squires. “I know where I will sleep tonight. It seems like the stress of years of homelessness has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you for helping me.”

That sentiment goes to the good people at Veterans Matters, as well,” Squires said. “Later he gave me a decoration to hang in my office. It has a house shape with a heart on it and says, ‘HOME is a starting place for LOVE and DREAMS.’”