“It’s not just one heartwarming story, it’s the total number. A lot of veterans now have a warm, safe place to sleep tonight because Veteran’s Matter was able to come through and provide the deposit – without Veterans Matter our work would be much more difficult and many more veterans would be sleeping outside tonight.”

— Erin Young, HUD-Vash

“I found a veteran, literally living on the streets, with his very small dog and a bicycle … It is hard to imagine how he had been living in the streets and eating what meals he could from local churches and missions for over five years. [The] veteran was grateful to the point of tears, to be warm, in his own apartment, both for himself and for his small companion. Again, without Veterans Matter it would have taken much longer to house this veteran. But now he is warm and for the first winter in five years, he will not have to brave the cold of trying to survive living outside.”

— Carolyn Bowers, HUD-Vash

“Veteran Matters housed my 80-year-old Veteran and his little dog ‘Mikey’. This Veteran showed up to lease signing in a suit and tie. He melted the heart of his new landlord. Previously he was living in his van with the dog. Good work Veteran Matters, you came through for this Veteran BIG TIME! He loves the new apartment and stated, ‘I hope I can stay here forever’.”

— Amy Cannon, HUD-Vash

“I was with a veteran who had been homeless for three years. We signed his lease with the landlord and he asked me to drop him off at the library where he checks his email. About 10 minutes after dropping him off he called me in tears and said, ‘You know as I was walking into the library, I realized I have my own apartment and a key in my pocket. I know where I will sleep tonight. It seems like the stress of years of homelessness has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you for helping me.’

Well Ken, that sentiment goes to the good people at Veterans Matters as well. Later he gave me a decoration to hang in my office. It has a house shape with a heart on it and says, HOME is a starting place for LOVE and DREAMS.”

— Larry Squires, HUD-Vash

“A veteran that was living out of his truck for more than 6 months … had zero income and was unaware of services offered by the Veterans Affairs. The Veteran did not have money necessary for security deposit, community services would not help due to the sustainably factor with zero income. Veterans Matter was able help this Veteran by paying his security deposit. Once in his own apartment, the Veteran was able to find work and continues to work on his recovery journey.”

— Joseph Felice, HUD-Vash

“I was working with a veteran who finally decided to make a change and accept our assistance in securing housing. He was very motivated until the resources that were helping were putting him through a lot of hoops to help him with deposit and rent. The veteran was so discouraged that he almost chose to just live on the streets than having to be questioned and probed by the agency. Veterans Matter came along and helped him very swiftly. This veteran is now stably housed and is working our program with great success. I know that if VM would have not been available, he would probably still be on the streets.”

— Jorge Ruiz, HUD-Vash

Veteran S. lives in Ohio and suffers from schizophrenia. He lived with family for years, and then became homeless. With the help from Veterans Matter, we were able to secure a home for Mr. S. near his family. Mr. S. is living on his own and is a productive part of his community. He belongs to a gym and a church, and lives within walking distance from his family. Without Veterans Matter none of this would have been possible.

— HUD VASH Social Worker, Cincinnati, Ohio

We had a veteran who suffered from substance abuse for years. We tried a couple of times to get him into the HUD/VASH program. This last time he was going through the steps to get sober and followed through with his voucher. Veterans Matter helped with his deposit and first month’s rent. He is currently sober, working, and has a place to call home.

— VA Social Worker, Cincinnati, Ohio

I was able to work with a Veteran who had been on the streets for a couple of years, and he had looked at several apartment complexes before receiving the housing voucher. In speaking to the complexes, he found that he would not get accepted at a lot of places (due to a rough background). Well, we found a place together that would work with his history. The day he received his voucher was the same day that they inspected, and it was a special moment because it all worked out for him to move into that apartment. You all at Veterans Matter have made a huge impact on the Veterans here in this community. The team that I work with and I could not be more thankful for everything that you do.

— VA Caseworker, Colorado

AP is a veteran who has had some hard luck over the last few months. He is a single father raising two teenaged boys. The area the veteran and his boys are moving from is a high crime area. They are now moving across town, here in Saginaw, MI, to a more family friendly neighborhood. Thanks again!

— Shawn, VA Caseworker, Michigan

R.O. is a 63-year-old female veteran who was living alone with limited Social Security Income (SSI). She came to the VA requesting assistance with housing because she was living at her grandparents’ house without running water. The house was in deplorable conditions with parts of the roofing missing. She was able to obtain a HUD-VASH voucher. With the assistance of Veterans Matter, RO was able to move into a 55+ senior living community where she is safe and happy.

R.S. is a 68-year-old male veteran who was homeless living under a bridge in Houston since 2014 after his divorce. In collaboration with a community partner and the VA, he was able to obtain a HUD-VASH voucher. Veteran has limited retirement income and could not afford the rental deposit and first month’s rent. With the assistance of Veterans Matter, the veteran was able to move into an apartment near his daughter and his friends.

— VA Caseworker, Houston, Texas

Thank you so much! Just reported this information to the veteran and his family. He truly appreciates everything this agency is doing for our veterans! When on the phone after reporting the information, the veteran paused and noted it was like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. This is a new beginning for him, his wife, and three children.

— VA Caseworker, Pennsylvania

A little about me: I am also a combat veteran with multiple deployments to Iraq. As a veteran, I feel comfort in knowing we have resources like Veteran’s Matter out there helping my Brothers and Sisters. So, when I say “Thank you” please know I truly mean it as it comes from the heart.

— Nick, VA Caseworker, Pennsylvania