I would like to express my appreciation of the assistance provided by Veteran’s Matter. Over the past few months, Veterans Matter has assisted three of my Veterans who were facing financial hardship and/or without any finances, to move into their new unit. 

Veteran O. has been a participant in our program before and due to many of the programs in the Houston area, he could not utilize any assistance for security deposit until after the twoyear program requirement. The Veteran, along with the program staff who worked with him while in one of our transitional housing programs, was ecstatic about the news of Veteran’s Matter ability to help this Veteran move into his unit! 

Veteran C. was facing an eviction from her unit, before having to secure housing in a local shelter. Due to transportation issues, which interfered in her ability to work, she had no means of paying her security deposit once a suitable property was located and approved. The assistance from Veterans Matter allowed for this Veteran to smoothly transition to her new unitThe assistance with the security deposit along with first month’s rent alleviated a great deal of stress from this Veteran, who was recently evicted and without a job. This allowed for the Veteran to focus on her medical care and other goals. She is now working part-time at a job close to her new home. 

Veteran H. recently moved to the Houston area and had been living with friends, who were charging him more than $500 for a room. The Veteran had limited income and had been anticipating moving into his new unit. Mr. H was able to move in his new unit with the help of Veterans Matter. The Veteran has made new friends and is implementing a “Speed Dating” for seniors at the property, along with other activities!  

Thanks again for EVERYTHING!! 

— VA Caseworker, Houston, Texas