We recently housed a 48yearold single male Army Veteran who had been in and out of shelters in Flint, MI with the help of Veterans Matter. His yearly income at this time is $2400. He couldn’t find rent that was affordable and was in a shelter for 6 months before we found this nice apartmentHe was threatened relentlessly by others in the shelter. He has littletono family or friends as a support system. He struggles with depression and anxiety. He recently was unable to pay his storage fees and his items were up for auction. We were able to locate a donor to help with those costs utilizing our awesome military organizations. He is very thankful for all the love and support to make this transition better for his life. He is interested in going to college to be a Chef. He likes to make meals for others. He has taken some basic community college classes. He doesn’t have transportation, so that is a barrier- but we are working on it. 

— VA Caseworker, Michigan