The B. Family is officially in their home!!! I went to see them today and it was AMAZING…the kids actually took me on a tour.  

They kept wanting to take me upstairs to see their room, over, and over, again, because they were so excited. They also were able to open some of their Christmas gifts from December.  

Mr. B. was filled with gratitude. He said that his wife got to take a bath, yesterday, for the first time in several months. He talked to me about feelings of depression, because he feels like, “It’s all my fault, I have let my family down.”  

But this program and team has given him hope to do better and stabilize his family, and that is pretty darn awesome.   

I just want to say the TEAMWORK makes the DREAM work and that was clear to me, today!! Thanks for all you do! 

— VA Caseworker, Toledo, Ohio