Veteran A was living in a rental trailer for over a year. During this time, he lost his car and job and ended up trying to live off $134 a month. We were able to house him in an apartment with included utilities and offer him much-needed case management services. Veterans Matter was able to pay his portion of rent when he moved in, and even thought it was a minimal amount, he would not have been able to move in without it. With the help of his HUD/VASH case manager, he was able to get an increase in income to $1146 a month. 

Veteran B, who was staying at the local homeless shelter for over 6 months, has a history of being victimized on the streets. She was able to obtain housing thought HUD/VASH and with the assistance to help pay her first month’s rent was able to obtain her housing. She is now surrounded by services she desperately needed to maintain housing. 

Veteran C is an elderly veteran who had struggled with homelessness for many years due to mental health issues. This Veteran was able to obtain housing with the assistance of Veterans Matter as he had no other assistance available for him. 

Veteran D was able to obtain a brand-new apartment that included a washer and dryer in every unit as a result of Veterans Matter helping to pay his security deposit and his portion of the first month’s rent.   

Veteran E was chronically homeless as well, and the homeless office almost had him housed two years ago but the rental fell through at the lease signing. He remained homeless until now. He was able to sign his lease the beginning this month. He would not have been housed without Veterans Matter. 

— VA Caseworker, Tennessee