I have been working as a HUD-VASH Social Worker for just over a year now in a rural area of Texas. My position was newly created to the local VA community based out-patient clinic and badly needed. Coming into this position, it was hard to imagine that there would be so many Veterans experiencing homelessness in the middle of “The Pineywoods.” I quickly discovered that the available resources in this area were significantly limited and housing options can be limited as well. Then trying to save up for a deposit is an obstacle all on its own, especially when several of our Veterans come into the program with little to no income. With the help of our program’s Coordinated Entry Specialist, a relationship was built with Veterans Matter to aid with deposits and their portion of the first month’s rent. Almost every Veteran I have been able to house has been able to move into their new home quickly because of the assistance that Veterans Matter provides. Thanks to the quick processing times and approval e-mails, the Veteran is typically allowed to move in immediately as well. 

The assistance Veterans Matter provides allows our Veterans an opportunity to settle in, then focus on case management needs such as finding employment and/or applying for disability so that they can start to build a path for self-sufficiency. It is the foundation for our Housing First model and why it works! Without Veterans Matter, I could not do my job as a case manager and I know that my Veterans would not be able to obtain housing as quickly as they do either. Thank you for helping me to help others! 

— VA Caseworker, Texas