Veteran C. has mental health issues that greatly impacted his ability to sustain housing, which led to the veteran becoming homeless. He was residing in a shelter for 7 months before he was mentally prepared to secure permeant housing. The veteran completed the HUD/VASH application process in February of 2019 and received a voucher in March of 2019. He selected housing the same day that he received his voucher and an inspection passed on March 28, 2019. With the assistance of Veterans Matter, the veteran was able to sign his lease and immediately secure housing on April 1, 2019. It is important to note that the veteran recently became employed prior to selecting housing, which also increased his rental responsibility. Based on his new income and lack of savings, the veteran was not prepared to pay both a security deposit and first month’s rent. Despite the news of a passed inspection, the veteran presented as despondent with the thought of his financial responsibility at the time of movein and began expressing thoughts that he would be unable to secure housing. Through the services of Veterans Matter, the veteran was able establish a savings, as Veterans Matter assisted the veteran with not only the security deposit but also the first month’s rent. The veteran was tremendously grateful and stops by the HUD/VASH Engagement Social Worker’s office nearly daily expressing his gratitude.  

AG is a 59yearold Veteran who works odd and parttime jobs. The veteran selected housing the second week in April and on May 3, 2019 the veteran was informed of the pass inspection; however, he was skeptical to move forward with housing, acknowledging that he did not have the savings to provide both security deposit and first month’s rent. The veteran presented the leasing office and HUD/VASH Social Worker his housing selection to discuss the terms of his lease and details regarding his movein responsibilities. While the veteran discussed the lease in detail with the leasing office, the HUD/VASH Engagement Social Worker submitted a request to Veterans Matter. Literally within minutes of submitting the request, Veterans Matter made with the leasing office confirming that the funds were approved. The veteran was able to complete the lease signing and obtain keys to his unit within minutes.  

While the timelines may not seem important, it is a tremendous feat. The VASH program deals with other programs that solely assist with security deposits and, even after a passed inspection, it may take two weeks before the security deposit check is approved and several documents must be provided, which lengthens the housing process. With Veterans Matters, veterans have the opportunity to secure housing the same day that an inspection passes or within 2-3 business days. The program alleviates stress for veterans and has a been an incredible support for housing veterans rapidly. Thanks for all of your great work, the program is truly appreciated! 

— VA Caseworker, Michigan