We are the Veterans’ Guardian Angels

Think about it.

WE are simply hovering over the homeless veterans in America and whenever there is a homeless veteran in need, we drop in to eliminate any barriers that might hinder their success, and most of them do not even know it was WE who helped them, they just know they have been helped.

  • They just know they now have a warm bed in a warm home.
  • They just know they do not have to sleep in their car tonight because you helped us put them in a hotel until their housing came through.
  • They just know they now have a job that seemed unreachable before.
  • They just know someone was able to get them a pair of glasses so they can take the CDL class that guarantees employment.
  • They just know someone got them a bus pass so they could complete the class that resulted in them getting a job the same day they graduated.
  • They just know a gift box with a week’s supply of food was delivered to their home because they were infirmed and unable to get to the store or food pantry.

How cool is that!

I love the notion that together we are in a position to help them in their time of greatest need, when it is a matter of life and death on the streets, and lift them up, and the veterans don’t even know who it was who helped them.

In creating Veterans Matter we intentionally didn’t create a system just to “help veterans”. We intentionally worked with the VA to create a system designed to identify and help the veterans in our nation who need us MOST: And they are not just the ones who are forgotten on the streets, but we work intentionally with the VA to find the ones forgotten on the streets who have nowhere else to turn, but to you.

That is what YOU do as a donor, an advocate and a friend for 2000+ veterans and veteran families with children housed to date.

Yes, we housed our 2000th veteran yesterday; there are so many to thank. We celebrated in the office, high-fives for everybody. Then we got back to work because we know it is ONLY 2000 housed. We know there are thousands more who are praying for a guardian angel to help them off the streets. We want to be there in time.

Today, we begin #Mission1000more.   Join us at VeteransMatter.org/donate or text VETS to 41444. They are counting on us.

Ken Leslie

Advocate in Chief