Derek is an Army veteran living in Detroit, Michigan. Like many of his fellow veterans, he has a history of Adjustment Disorder. (Yes, it is a real thing.)

He resided for many years with a significant other. After he had a stroke, Derek became homeless when his significant other just dropped him off at the John Dingell VA Medical Center without any plans.

As this was BC, (Before COVID), the social workers were fortunately able to place him in an open bed at one of their VA transitional shelters in Detroit.

According to his Social Worker, “The veteran’s housing selection passed inspection on July 19th, 2019 and a security deposit request was submitted and approved the same day through Veterans Matter, which allowed the veteran to immediately

secure housing. Without the support of Veterans Matter, the veteran would not have been able to secure permanent supportive housing.”

Derek is still housed today and reported that he is doing WONDERFUL despite multiple barriers.

It really is that simple.

If you donated in 2019, YOU did that! Derek thanks you! If you haven’t made a donation yet in 2020, you can be everything to another veteran right here, right now, when they need us most.

– Ken