Every Penny Counts to House Our Homeless Heroes

Horizon Science Academy Students Host Penny War for Veterans

One penny may seem insignificant, but ask over 800 students to go head to head to bring in as many as possible and they really add up. That’s exactly what students at Horizon Science Academy Springfield and Toledo did to raise money for our heroes living on the streets of our nation.

Students participated in a Penny War. A Penny War is an awesome way for schools and other organizations to raise money for Veterans Matter.

The rules are fairly simple. Groups bring in pennies and dollars and place them into their bucket. These pennies and dollars count as positive points for that group. Groups also bring in silver coins and place these into other groups buckets to count as negative points. Each day, the coins are counted up and the scores are released — motivating groups to bring in more coins and dollars to boost their scores or to bring down the scores of other groups.

After a week of playing this fundraising game, students between both schools raised over $1000 to help house our homeless veterans. This is the third year the school has participated in a Penny War fundraiser. Over the past three years, the schools have helped to house at least 3 veterans and their families.

This story shows that every amount helps — even one penny can be the difference between a hero living on the street or thriving in a home. Thank you to the students of Horizon Science Academy for helping our heroes find a home for the brave in the land of the free.