Ally From Belgium Wants Your Help to House Our Homeless Veterans

Recently, Peter Annaert, across the globe in Belgium, started a Facebook Fundraiser to help house our homeless heroes. We were curious what prompted his desire to give back to our US Veterans. Here’s what he wrote:


It’s pretty simple for me.
First of all it all started in WW2. My respect for all those brave men who give their lives for our freedom. Their parents that see their sons and daughters go to the other side of the world to fight for freedom, knowing that the chance of seeing them back is very small.

I will never forget this and even my children have endless respect for those veterans who gave everything for other people.

I’m stunned that the veterans of nowadays don’t get more respect in there home country. I can’t understand how they served for their country and just ended up with the problems they have these days, just like their children.

These men and their kids deserve so much more. It’s all about respect and the honor these brave men deserve. Wish I could do so much more here in Europe-Belgium to give what those brave men deserve.

Also I’m very “America minded.” If I could, I always wanted to go and live in America, it’s a big example for me how things should be done. Not everything, that’s how we hear it here, seems perfect. But, hey, will we find a perfect place somewhere on this earth? Nah, don’t think so.

At least we can try to help each other out a little bit. Starting with lots of respect and never forget the past and offers people make to make this world a better place.

I could go on for hours because there are so many reasons left to support this matter. But it isn’t very simple for me because my English isn’t that good.

Thanks again for all the things you do for those veterans! It’s maybe a little motivation for you and all the other people of your organization to keep on going to.

Thanks again!

Yours respectfully

Peter Annaert

Belgium (Europe)

From the bottom of our hearts, Peter, we thank you for caring about our Veterans as much as we do.

To help Peter reach his Facebook Fundraiser goal, click here. Let’s bring our heroes home … for good.