• First, what’s most important… Getting veterans and their families into housing! Since February 14th, 2012, there are
    • 25 veteran families in permanent supportive housing, in
    • 12 cities, in
    • 2 states, for a total of
    • 30 people, of which
    • 9 are children no longer staying in shelters or trying to survive on the streets!

Dusty Hill of ZZ Top. Photo: Levi Pervin, courtesy of ZZ Top

  • Our “spokesband” ZZ Top has been a phenomenal supporter of Veterans Matter and the 60,000 Soldiers Housed campaign. Most recently, bassist Dusty Hill has done an interview with the Toledo Free Press Star. His passion for this cause shone through – he started the interview talking about the campaign. Thanks, Dusty!
  • Speaking of ZZ Top, they’ve generously donated a total of 8 tickets to their November 1st show at Toledo’s Stranahan Theater PLUS matching backstage passes. 1Matters.org, the nonprofit which started and runs the Veterans Matter program, has used these gifts to raise money to continue our mission. As prize packages for an auction, a raffle, and top fundraiser for the 1Mile Matters walk, ZZ Top’s donation has helped raise over $18,600! Congratulations to the winners of these prize packages – they not only get to enjoy the show, they get to meet Dusty Hill, Billy F Gibbons and Frank Beard!

Stay tuned for more… there’s always something waiting in the wings as we move onward and homeward for our veterans!