Houston Board

Left to Right: Gary Fruchtman, Jeri Gates, Ken Leslie, Kirk Wilkington, Chuck Hill, Dusty Hill, Buddy Johnson, Sheri Henderson, Dave Henderson, and Kevin Maley.

Just a quick update on Operation Houston… what an incredible group! Hosted by Dusty and Chuck Hill, and Kevin Maley, we had the organizational meeting for the chapter last Monday. Operation Houston. This is pretty exciting… they are all in, and Chuck Hill has taken the lead to help us define the role of the chapters. We got to meet Jeri Gates as well, the Houston VA VASH manager who is our go-to person to get it done. Things are going so well, fundraising is on hold to get up to speed on the actual needs to match the chapter. The discussion also led to conversation about expanding to cover all of Texas.  The group is meeting again, and taking a tour of the local VA. We will keep you posted.

Now back in Toledo, Operation Hometown (for SE Michigan/NW Ohio), we’ve been cutting checks like crazy. (We have a goal of one hour from receiving the referral to mailing the check, with a 98% performance rate.) In just the last two days, we’ve approved four Veteran families in this area for the Veterans Matter program. That makes 54 veteran families housed in just under one year since inception. WOW!

Let’s keep rolling – let’s keep housing our heroes!