Veterans Matter Award Recognizes The Strongest Voice for Veterans Still on the Streets.

Veterans Matter proudly announces the 2016 “Advocate of the Year” award is presented to Jeffry Young. He is being honored for his tireless efforts in support of Veterans Matter’s mission to house homeless veterans and veterans’ families with children in his community, state and nation. Mr. Young, a veteran himself, is a National Exchange Club of Lawrence, Indiana member and Region 7 National Exchange Regional Vice President. Drafted into the US Army a month after graduating from college, Jeff proudly served in the Georgia National Guard as a combat medic during the Viet Nam era.

Ken Leslie, Advocate-In-Chief of Veterans Matter stated, “Jeff Young’s passion and hard work for housing homeless veterans and their families is incomparable. Jeff is a true advocate for our nation’s heroes. His work with the National Exchange Club/Veterans Matter partnership is unparalleled. We are honored to have Jeffry Young as the first recipient of the “Advocate of the Year” award.”

Referring to the National Exchange Club/Veterans Matter partnership, Mr. Young said, “Almost every person in America knows or has a family member who has served this country. I see the need to let them know that 39,000 Veterans are still homeless! Veterans Matter is an opportunity to share the plight of our homeless veterans through Exchange Clubs nationwide and to work with those members of our community who want to help our veterans!”