The first two needs for survival are food and shelter. Let’s give them shelter.

In this time of  COVID-19, it is the homeless veterans who are the most vulnerable. 

It’s simple: When you know Veterans will die if you don’t, you just do.

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Please Join Lee Bryce, George Thorogood and John Mellencamp in Housing More Homeless Heroes

This is urgent, the homeless veterans need us now more than ever! Please tell all of your friends and family about this campaign by sharing your personal image and the following messages.

CARDBOARD SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGES (Creatively Handwritten on Cardboard or posted with campaign images) 

  • When you know veterans will die if you don’t, you just do.  

  • helped move a Veteran home! 

  • Sheltering-in-place is hard to do when you don’t have shelter.

  • Our Veterans are not alone – they have you. 

  • Veterans need us! 

  • Help me move a homeless veteran from 

  • I just helped to move a homeless veteran from 

  • We don’t know them all but we do owe them all. 

  • Be creative – write an inspiring message of your own to bring our heroes home for good.  

Be sure to use the #Cardboard2Headboard in your post so we can see and share your commitment to our Veteran Heroes. 

About Veterans Matter

To date we have housed over 3,600 in 25 states … 25 states to go. Here are the latest numbers of veterans housed

We partner with the VA homeless programs to immediately provide the rental deposits for chronically homeless veterans who have nowhere else to go. This video produced by the VA explains our partnership with the VA.

Every dollar we deploy results in another veteran housed, every time.

This is LONG-TERM permanent housing with VA case management that has a 91% success rate keeping them housed. Here are some of their stories.

We do what we do very fast and very efficiently, with an 8% administrative rate the past 3 years. Click here for more about our transparency.

Bottom line, they need us. And they need us now. If you have the ability to help, please do.