gradsLast week something really great happened: the first two participants in our new Training and Re-Employment Program (TREP) graduated from their Call Center Customer Service Training at Cherry St. Mission Ministries’ Life Revitalization Center.

Formerly homeless veterans Mike Riordan and David Smith were among the four graduates of this new program, a vision-made-reality by Dan Rogers of Cherry St. and Michael Osborne of Credit Adjustments, Inc.

It was incredibly touching to watch: The veterans were grateful for the chance at a new career that will help them achieve domestic autonomy.

We want to say a big thank you to Jordan Reses Supply Company, which donated $100,000 to get TREP off the ground. This program has been a dream of many for a long time now, and it’s exciting to see it changing lives!

Click here to learn more about TREP and the Jordan Reses donation.