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Because of Veterans Matter’s laser focus and great success in housing homeless veterans, Veterans Matter does all of the below. And in particular, we love working with corporate geniuses to create innovative ways to help house more heroes. People like Steve Baugh and Cheryl Nilsson of First Nation Group  Click Here to see how First Nation Jordan Reses became one of the most powerful corporate funding advocates for homeless veterans in the nation.

Born with business systems, business logic, business leverage and business accountability, a growing cadre of corporations are finding Veterans Matter to be the perfect partner to help veterans, particularly the most neglected of all veterans, those living on the streets of our nation.

Coming from business, we understand the variety of business needs companies have when considering where to put philanthropy dollars. Some companies:

  • Most  want to find the right veterans cause in a legitimate organization where they can actually SEE the results of their donations. Results they can then share with their community, customers, vendors or employees in the hopes of enamoring even more goodwill and support allowing even more homeless veterans to find a place called home.
  • Larger companies often seek a national cause that can be deployed at any or all of their locations and can inspire those employees to work together locally and nationally.
  • Other companies use cause marketing to help non-profits and generate good will and customers.
  • And some companies just want to find a veteran cause where they can have the biggest impact. Where they can help the veterans who are the most neglected and truly need them most – homeless veterans. An organization that has low admin expenses and high accountability. Such as Veterans Matter, which has an admin rate of just 8%, and results are tracked on our website daily.

How First Nation Group Did It

After hearing founder Ken Leslie on the radio, Steve Baugh, President of First Nation Group invited us in February 2015 to present to their philanthropy team at corporate headquarters as they were looking for a new veteran’s charity to support. The team decided to grant $40,000 to Veterans Matter. After seeing the immediate results of their grant – 60 veterans housed – 90 days later they allocated an additional $60,000.

Steve is one, like us, who loves leveraging opportunities. So the following year we thought to use the company’s 2016 grant of $200,000 as a match to inspire additional giving nationwide and help twice as many veterans. This was so successful they repeated this in 2017 and 2018.

To date the company has housed veterans in Houston, Mississippi, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina, and their employees celebrate these victories.

But with so many veterans still on the streets, this wasn’t enough for First Nation Group. Steve Baugh, along with company CEO Cheryl Nilsson, got innovative and pitched one of their suppliers, Fisher Paykel, on the idea of rebating back 1% of all First Nation purchases to Veterans Matter. In 2017 this amounted to over $43,000, and $66,000 in 2018 to house more homeless heroes.

Because of a simple desire to help the neediest of veterans, First Nation Group not only helped house veterans, they created a new model of corporate philanthropy.

Additionally, under Cheryl the company is shepherding the pilot of the Guardian Angel Fund  in northern Florida. Once operational the fund will assist veterans in overcoming additional barriers. It is the small barriers that can be so big.

Do you have the desire or ideas of your own to help us house more heroes? Call or email us today, we’d love to hear them.

Veterans Matter is Easy to Explain

Veterans Matter partners with VA homeless programs nationally to help get homeless veterans off the streets and into long term housing. And because of our business systems, logic, leverage and partnership with the VA, every single dollar deployed by Veterans Matter results in another veteran housed in a VA supported LONG-TERM housing program that has a 91% success rate keeping them housed!

Veterans Matter was started in Toledo, Ohio, by a formerly homeless man turned CEO, Ken Leslie, to partner with the VA to house 35 local veterans. During the taping of a PSA, Dusty Hill of ZZ Top asked Ken if he could expand the Veterans Matter program to house veterans in Dusty’s hometown of Houston, TX. So Ken created a cloud-based system with business logic and accountability to help homeless veterans in Houston, or any funded Area of Operation to get housed. To date that Houston group has raised over $350,000 and housed 700 Texas veterans. After John Mellencamp did the same thing in Indiana and author Mitch Albom, along with funds raised by Katy Perry, Kid Rock, and First Nation Jordan Reses did the same for Michigan, the program rapidly grew. To date Veterans Matter has housed over 3,900 veterans in 25 states.

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