We love giving credit where credit is due. This psa is is the product of a great team of volunteer project.

  • First props of course go to the band for their gracious southern hospitality. Dusty for shooting with us, Billy for agreeing to help us in the first place, and Frank for letting us use his dressing room to shoot the psa.
  • Chuck Hill for her enthusiasm and commitment!
  • Tour manager Pablo Gamboa was remarkably helpful and kind getting all the arrangements made onsite.
  • The remarkable video production team from Materni Media, Christie and Matt Materni. Great, expert, flawless team of shooters. Did I mention fun too? Thank you for giving up a day of making money to help those on the streets. Check out their great work here.
  • My wife Norma, the best teleprompter babe in the business.
  • Bob Merlis, who believes in the cause enough to make all kinds of magic happen!

And of course special props to Barb Petee, and the Promedica Advocacy Fund/Toledo Community Foundation for “Hey Barb, I got an idea called Veterans Matter….” “Hell yah we will fund that!” And she did, in seven days.

Thank you all for giving a rip about those on the streets. , onward – homeward…… ken