If you clicked the link, it’s because you care about our Veterans 

In joining us, you will be serving justice for homeless veterans by providing housing to those who risked all but are now living on the streets of our nation. Every station and artist helping us already has NUMEROUS causes they support, yet they stood up and offered their voice to the voiceless veterans on the streets who needed their help.

There is no playbook for building a national movement. If you feel called to join us now, just like those who started the St. Jude Country Cares campaign, history will show that YOU and your station were one of the first who stood up for veterans and built a national legacy program for Veterans Day.

This legacy will house 1,000s of homeless veterans in your community, state and nation, every year! Whether you simply:

· Run our 3rd quarter Veterans Matter Cardboard 2 Headboard PSA’s

· Generate sponsorship revenue

· Host a Veterans Day Honor-Thon

How it Works

The Veterans Matter Honor-Thon is a plug-n-play Veterans Day promotion allowing your listeners to get their veteran recognized and honored on air, by housing another.

It consists of station branded:

    • Donation Page and automated system allowing your talent to recognize and honor your listener’s veteran for each donation.

    • Advance Veterans Matter provided :30 & :10 pre-produced promotion and on-air copy.

    • Day of Content Support to further the emotion of Honor.

    • Accessed by your current station text line, their donation immediately sends the listener a branded thank you message of your choice from your talent or station.

Or do all of the above, your support GUARANTEES that another ready homeless veteran will not be turned away at the open door of ready and available permanent housing, and sent back to live in their cars or cold streets until they can find the deposit.

To get info, hear more or get questions answered, email Trish@veteransmatter.org!

How our partnership began 

Homeless Veterans are one of the few causes that unifies all sides. Last year, Country Radio led the Veterans Matter Honor-Thon campaign and united competing stations from multiple networks, including 2 competing Country stations in Indy and AM supporting the FM station in Detroit. The campaign continued to grow across multiple formats, including the 4 stations in the Toledo Market.

Driven by Mike McVay, the campaign was promoted by over 20 Country artists and Benztown Media content.

We are now rallying others in the industry who care about veterans, into one cohesive force for our 2021 Campaign. We will be honoring all veterans by housing their brothers and sisters when they need us most.

If you feel inspired to help us help the veterans on the streets – do!

We created a no bullshit program that just gets homeless veterans housed in PERMANENT housing. It’s just that simple.

Dusty Hill’s original “How It Works”

John’s “Home Again – In Their Own Words” Intro

This 3 minute video produced by the VA explains how this works so well

How it all started

A chance visit by John Mellencamp to a Tent City event in Toledo, Ohio, in 2007, sparked the creation of the non-profit, 1Matters.org (long before the various “Matters” groups). Managed and largely funded by a formerly homeless addict/alcoholic-turned-CEO, Ken Leslie, 1Matters creates and funds new programs that actually and efficiently help the homeless. The Veterans Matter National Homeless Veterans Housing Program was their first national program, which grew in 2014 after Dusty Hill asked Ken to expand his veterans housing program to help house the vets in Dusty’s hometown of Houston. Ken created a cloud-based system to accommodate Dusty’s request while Dusty convened a group to help. Nearly $1,000,000 was raised and over 1,300 Texas veterans were been housed – just because Dusty cared about “my veterans.”

After John Mellencamp and author Mitch Albom asked Ken to expand the program to their home states, the program continues to grow and has now housed over 4,200 homeless veterans in 28 states. This history has been well documented in the industry and national press.

At this point, if you feel called to help in any small or large measure, please do. We can provide all the customized plug and play content/talking points you need to help get the word out, host an Honor-Thon to house veterans, or inspire others to help. Any ideas you have to expand it are very much welcome and encouraged! Together we can do this.

To get info, hear more or get questions answered, email Trish@veteransmatter.org

Note from Ken

Having been homeless myself, I know even one more night might be one too many for the 37,085 homeless veterans living on the streets of our nation. When you know they can die if you don’t, you just do. It pissed me off that any veteran would have to continue to live on the street when they don’t have to.

When a couple of celebrity types asked me to replicate it in their home states and committed to raise the funds, I created an online system to help get them housed in literally minutes. So here we are.

I created it to be something I would want to donate to: Low cost – high efficiency – high impact, and with the ultimate transparency. Every day we post on our website the number of veterans housed and where.

Right now, our mission is to recruit the famous to crusade for the anonymous. By helping us illuminate the hidden struggle, you can motivate Americans to honor all veterans by housing another, when they need us most.

It really is simply that simple. If you feel called to help us help them directly, or just be a voice for the voiceless, that’s simple too. Just join us, we got some shit to do.

Ken Leslie, Founder