Five years ago, on Christmas Eve, YOU housed your 1,250th Veteran. That Veteran had three children and a spouse. On Christmas morning, because of your love, they woke up knowing that they are not alone, that despite everything, there was hope for a better tomorrow for their family.

“I’m blessed. You know my wife and I, we’ve been keeping the faith, praying that we’d have a home before Christmas and the Lord put people in our lives and I just want to thank the community,” said the formerly homeless Veteran. “God is good. God blessed us.”

Click here to read the 13abc press feature from five years ago. 

Today, we catch back up with the daughter of that Veteran, a formerly homeless child, who is now full of aspirations and a smile for miles — all because of YOU!

On the behalf of this family and all of those Veteran families housed, we say thank you.