Having a place to call your own helps foster a sense of community and stability
Think back to a time in your life when you felt alone-no one to hang out with, no one to laugh with, or no one to listen to you as you shared your fears and struggles.  Homelessness is isolating.  It is difficult to trust others or believe in a broken system that allows you to fall between the cracks, every three steps.
Homeless veterans face numerous obstacles that can make it difficult to form lasting, meaningful relationships. These obstacles can include things such as mental health issues, distrust of people due to trauma-induced behaviors, feelings of isolation and hopelessness, and lack of meaningful community connections and resources.
In order to form healthy relationships, it is important that one demonstrates a willingness to commit and be trustworthy.  Is this even possible when you are homeless?  Homeless veterans have difficulty forming these trusting relationships due to their unstable home life and lifestyle. They often do not feel secure enough to open up and create relationships with people.
The best way to help homeless veterans form lasting relationships is to provide them with resources to achieve stable housing and secure employment. Having a place to call their own helps foster a sense of community and stability that can make it easier for them to open up and start forming relationships with others.

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