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We are directly at the intersection of urgent need & lasting impact for homeless veterans on the streets of our nation.

Most foundations have been created to use accrued wealth for the betterment of humankind in targeted areas of interest and targeted geography. Like other donors, foundations want to be sure their grants have a direct impact, leverages other capacity, uses best practices and offers systemic solutions.

For foundations and funders whose interest or directive includes helping homeless veterans, Veterans Matter is a perfectly precise operational system limited only by financial capacity that can be targeted to ANY local (Community Foundations) state, regional or national scale where funding and need intersect.

Our innovative systemic approach and partnership with the VA allows us to hover over existing systems to plug the gaps in the supply chain wherever there are veterans in need.

As a result of this partnership and approach, every single dollar we allocate results in a housed veteran in a VA supported LONG-TERM housing program that has a documented 91% success rate keeping them housed. Additionally, in some of our areas of operation we free up local dollars which are then used to PREVENT another veteran or veteran family with children from becoming unhoused.

Our precise accountability structure allows you to know exactly how your grant was used to fill those needs as we have only one metric – veterans housed. Recent research shows that at our national average of $750 per veteran/veteran family housed, leverages up to an additional $75,000 in community collaboration leverage which is not possible unless the veterans are housed.

We have unique and innovative operational agility and capacity which allows us to serve veterans where they need us most. We have no design to become a huge non-profit that “helps veterans.” We aim instead to remain a “boutique” non-profit that simply seeks out and helps the veterans who are most in need.

The linked executive summary and info-graphics to the right provide detail on our systems, needs analysis and leverage.

If you think we might be a possible fit for your mission to help homeless veterans, please contact us today to discuss the potential. There are veterans in need waiting for us.

Foundation Funding Advocates Include: