In January or 2019, a VA Caseworker reached out to us to give us an update on one of the Heroes you helped house. Here’s what she wrote:

Mr. R. is 72-year-old Veteran. He served in the Army for 6 years. He was very stable in his community but had outlived his relatives and friends. Mr. R. has a number of medical issues due to his age and was hospitalized for heart issues. From that hospitalization he went to a long-term rehab facility. It took him a while and a lot of hard work, but he was able to rehab to the point where he can live independently in the community. 

Unfortunately, while he was in the rehab facility, he lost his apartment because there was no one to help him pay his rent. In addition, he lost pretty much everything he owned. He went into a shelter and the shelter made a HUD-VASH referral. 

I’ve been working with him since mid-August of this year. In that time, he has had additional issues with his health, but with the support of referral sources like Veteran Matters, case management, and in-home (in-shelter) nursing services. he was able to become the man he wants and sign his lease to move into his own apartment. He is so happy and grateful for all of the help he has received. Being able to offer a helping hand and see the results of helping are exactly why I do this job.

— VA Caseworker, Ohio

On behalf of Mr. R., we thank you.

We take care of our own.