Recently, a William, a Veteran Hero you helped house reached out to us to give us an update on his new life made brighter because of your ceaseless love and compassion. Here’s what he wrote:

Greetings โ€” My name is William. I am writing to thank you for your help in May of 2018. My family and I were struggling greatly. I had a major PTSD episode with psychosis, and up to that point, I had no idea that I had PTSD.

I got enrolled with the VA system 30 years after my discharge, and with the help of a wonderful VA case worker, I was pushed through the VASH program with lightning speed. You guys [Veterans Matter] stepped in and provided a $3800 security deposit that allowed me, my wife, and five kids to have a home. We have been here for almost three years, and our lives has never been better!

William, like so many other Veterans you’ve guided over the threshold have a new lease on life.

We take care of our own.