As of December 2016, you had housed over 1,250 veterans nationwide. Sadly, we rarely get to meet any of the formerly homeless Heroes or their families in person. We had been busting serious hump with the VA nationally to try to get as many veterans home for the holidays as we could.

One of those veterans was a local Toledo-area family, a mom, dad and three children living in Beach House shelter. Yesterday, Shawn Dowling and Christie Kodjiku with the VA personally picked up and delivered the check to the landlord to get this family housed by Christmas.

We got a picture that the family and landlord took to say thank you. That picture, that one picture made all that WE do (YOU and the entire Veterans Matter team) worthwhile. It made it personal.

We that picture with Lee Armstrong with the Lucas County Veterans Service Commission which is one of our local partners helping us house local veterans.

Providentially, Gene Americal with the VSC called me about a call he got from a lady relocating to another city and wondering if this family needed a household of furniture.

Meanwhile our friends at 13abc saw the Facebook post from yesterday and Sanaa Orra wondered if the family would be interested in going on camera.

The family’s response was “anything we can do to help other veterans on the streets is what we want to do.” So this afternoon we got to meet one of the kindest families, with the cutest kids, being able to enjoy Christmas in a warm home, again because of your support. YOUR support. When you see the smiles on the faces it makes it oh so real, doesn’t it.

On behalf of this Veteran family, we thank you.

We take care of our own.