Housing our Homeless Veterans: How?

At Veterans Matter, we have a mantra we follow housing our homeless Veterans: How do we house our Homeless Heroes?  One Veteran at a time!  We keep the process simple so that we can house as many homeless Veterans as quickly as possible.

Donating to Veterans Matter makes a difference in a homeless Veteran’s life. When I speak with homeless Veterans and those Veterans whom we have recently housed I am often asked, “Why do you care?” or “That’s a lot of money, why me?”

These conversations are always humbling and require great courage on the part of the Veteran.

In the last 94 days, with your care and courage, we have housed over 450 Veterans!  That’s right! 450 Veteran Families have walked across the threshold of their own home.

Why do we care about our homeless Heroes?

There are a lot of reasons why we donate our hard-earned cash to support Veterans Matter! Many will share that giving a donation and helping others is a personal belief or altruism.

Most people donate their money to Veterans Matter to help others. Helping others makes us feel satisfied and content with our lives. The act of donating can give us a sense of accomplishment, knowing that we have contributed to the betterment of others by moving a homeless Veteran Family from their Family Shelter to their own home.

We donate to Veterans Matter to give back to our community. Many of us have a strong belief that we have a moral obligation to help those in need, particularly if we have been fortunate enough to have achieved success in our lives.

We help to house our Homeless Veterans because we care!

You and I donate to charities because we are motivated by empathy and compassion. We recognize the struggles and hardships faced by homeless Veterans and wish to provide them with aid and support. Maybe you were homeless years ago and you remember what it was like to be alone, misunderstood, and judged. Many of us have experienced homelessness or experienced a similar situation in our lives, or we may have witnessed it firsthand in our communities, which has motivated us to take action and help our Veterans.

I am pretty sure that we are all here because it aligns with our personal beliefs and values. We feel strongly about homelessness, Veterans with no access to healthcare, and mental healthcare. Homeless Veteran Families living in poverty due to untreated disabilities and applications with the VBA that take months or years.

You have a significant role in improving the lives of homeless Veterans and their families.  Every time you make a donation to Veterans Matter, it allows you to make a significant contribution to a cause that we all believe in-Housing Homeless Veterans.