URGENT: Last week we housed 14 homeless veterans and veteran families in 4 states. Right now we have the chance to house twice as many veterans, but we need your help.

This is one of those rare opportunities you have to double your impact!

A very generous company, Jordan Reses Supply Company, is matching every dollar we raise on Giving Tuesday, up to $200,000. So every dollar you give right now will be two dollars.

And no lie, there are veterans literally waiting today who can be housed, they just need the deposit that you can help us give them.

To date, we have housed over 1,200 veterans nationwide. Of course, our work isn’t done until there are no longer veterans sleeping on the streets or in their cars.

Help us give twice as many veterans and veteran families with children a home for the holidays.

So double your impact and donate online right now while you are thinking about it.

Or from your phone, text “VETS” to 41444 and click through to donate any amount.

Thank you so much for caring; we take care of our own.

Onward – Homeward,

Ken Leslie
Advocate in Chief

p.s. And if you would like to quadruple your impact, please share this with everyone you know who cares about veterans as much as you do, or post it on your social media. On behalf of those you will help, we thank you!