Remember when we told you that Dusty Hill of ZZ Top “ and the band are forming a Veterans Matter chapter in Houston and want to raise $160,000 to help house Houston Veterans“? Well…

So far this week… we’ve received $17,000 to launch it – and launch it we have!

So far this week… we’ve already cut three rent deposit checks for three Houston area veteran families! Four people, including one child, will now have a home for the holidays. How awesome is that?!

Those checks go directly to the landlords. The families chose their housing based on utilizing HUD’s VASH voucher program through the VA. They will receive case management and support through the VA to help them maintain their housing. 100% of the funds raised on behalf of Veterans Matter go directly to seeing veteran families housed. The $17,000 already raised will help over 20 veteran families get off the streets and out of shelters. We have a couple really cool CEO types in Houston helping to raise the rest through a Veterans Matter Houston board. Dusty is convening the formation meeting at his house later this month.

Veterans Matter! Right? Damn straight! We MUST take care of our own.