We have now housed over 1,100 veterans. I have always thought about what it means to the veterans to have a home. To have a chance to rebuild their lives, get a new job, education, training, sobriety, or what ever their personal goals. I thought of the children of the veterans who will NOT have to sleep in the back seat of their car on a frozen winter night, cradled by their mother to fight off the bone chilling cold.  I never once thought of this impact:



Just wanted to pass this along. Emily and I were working the Veterans Matter booth on Saturday afternoon, when the heavy rain, thunder and lightning caused a temporary delay in the activities. As the storm subsided we noticed 2 ladies approaching our table. We engaged the ladies and started to offer information about what we are about. Before we really started to explain anything, one lady said “I know exactly what you guys do, you helped my son get a home”.

She then proceeded to donate $20.00, and her friend did likewise. We offered them both T-shirts as a thank you.

Before leaving the mom turned around and said “Thank you. You are making a difference.”

Thought I would share this- pretty awesome!


Sniff, I know, me too.

If you are one of our donors or advocates, share this. It is your win too. We thank you!  – ken