Today in Toledo, Ohio the temperature currently reads -5ºF (with a wind chill temperature of -28ºF). After spending just a few minutes outside to make a quick dash to the gas station, my body and teeth were shaking frantically.

It’s times like these that our homeless heroes need us the most.  It’s a matter of life and death.

Take for example a recent story out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

After receiving a phone call, the Tulsa Fire department responded to a call near Hyatt Hotel.  Arriving on the scene, dispatchers quickly discovered the homeless man was dead; he had frozen to death in the below freezing temperatures.

His name was Zaki Holder, a homeless veteran, according to the Tulsa Day Center for the homeless.

Tulsa Day Center employees say 39-year-old Zaki Holder was a frequent guest at the facility. “He was in our shelter for a couple of nights last week, but he didn’t check in that night for some reason,” said one employee.

“He has served his country and fell on hard times and passed away freezing. It hits home and it hurts,” said Nate Mullins, another Tulsa veteran.

Please let the warmth in your heart save a homeless hero from the cold. We must take care of our own. Help our heroes from spending another day on these frozen streets.