John Mellencamp just gives a shit about those on the streets — all of those lost at the dead end of life. Period. End of story.

We draw this conclusion by his behavior:

  • Despite us being nobodies, he took time out on one tour to shoot some PSA’s for our project, as well as do an exclusive interview to support the people selling street papers worldwide. You can find excerpts from that interview in this video.
  • On the next tour, during a stop in Detroit, we took him to COTS, one of the local shelters. It was amazing to see. He just walked into the dining room and started going from person to person, meeting each one individually, and sharing stories.
  • Then, despite a nearly sold out show, he amazed all the guests when he stood up and invited them all to the show. That’s 100 tickets. We wrote about that trip right here.  john belmont
  • Last week John invited us down to his studio in Bloomington, IN to shoot new Veterans Matter and 1Matters PSA’s, as well as some footage he needed for three projects he is working on. Again, we are nobodies. He is doing it simply because he cares about the people on the streets. All of them.
  • You can’t talk about his compassion and commitment without also mentioning Farm Aid. Since 1985, John, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and Dave Matthews come together to raise millions for the farmers of our country who are fighting like hell to keep our food system from becoming as fake as American cheese, and worse.

After the Windsor shoot we wrote about how the people we met were more like John’s family. It continues. Again, some of the nicest people! Cathy was so gracious and facilitating (and fun!) in helping us get all the arrangements made, as well as on site. And Tim, a short timer there, has only been with John since, well, HIGH SCHOOL! He also let us borrow his monitor for a couple hours to serve as the prompter. (What? No work for two hours?) Thank you so much Cathy and Tim.

This trip — it was about the veterans. Like most of us, John finds it unconscionable (“Pisses me off.”) that our soldiers have been abandoned and forgotten on the streets of our nation. And like us, it pisses him off enough to want to do something about it. Veterans Matter. We must take care of our own.

This is what drove us down to Bloomington; John’s desire to do something about it.  In addition to the PSA’s we are working out several other ideas to best help us get more veterans housed in this nation. Stay tuned. We are almost ready to roll. John Mellencamp just gives a shit about those on the streets. Not just veterans, but all of those lost at the dead end of life. Period. End of story. John matters.

On a side note, I need to thank our 5 person volunteer crew for giving up a day to drive 5 hours down and 5 hours back. In particular, our videographer, award winning PBS/WGTE producer Dave Kuznicki. He cut short his Florida family vacation, drove 18 hours back to Toledo, packed up the production gear, and off we left for Indiana — All because Dave too just wanted to matter to veterans, and all of those on the street. Thank you Dave!