Written by Veronica Mora, Veterans Matter’s Military Outreach Coordinator, reminding us what Memorial Day is all about.


Today is Memorial Day, but honestly who truly observes the day? Up until 12 years ago, I saw it as an extra day to BBQ with family, shop for bargains at the local stores, or get some flowers planted in my garden — and I was married to a soldier! What a difference time will do to you…

Unless you have kissed a flag-draped coffin, saluted a soldier’s cross, or grasped a folded flag until you were white-knuckled; today will not strike a nerve. My children have and will continue to grow up sending messages of love via balloon to heaven so that their dad can “hear” about their life’s latest accomplishments; they kiss and hug a cold headstone at our cemetery trips rather than feel the warm embrace of his arms and scratchy stubble on his face. Not a day goes by where we do not say his name or tell a story about him. My Arthur is gone and will never come back to me, to us.

On this last Monday in May, I will be thinking of all the families who’s loved ones have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we take for granted. For my fellow widows/widowers who face the day with strength and the courage because of all the memories the day brings. I will especially be thinking of all the Gold Star children, of all ages, who have to grow up without a father or mother to help raise and guide them through life’s triumphs and obstacles.

So today, on your extra day off, take a minute and think of all those who are missing from the BBQ’s, stores and gardens. They gave their tomorrow for your today.

Sgt. Arthur Anthony Mora Jr.