Wood Soldier by jcroninone

Wood Soldier by jcroninone, via Flickr

We know not everyone who reads this celebrates Christmas, but many do consider this time of year a season for miracles. Or, at least we want to. We want to believe that there’s still something that can go right, be wonderful, fulfill dreams – even when life has beaten us up and told us otherwise. That describes most of us, and most of the people we help 1 at a time.

But we are honored to say that we KNOW miracles still happen. They happen all the time, in little ways and large ways. And they don’t just happen in December, but all throughout the year. Many times, we get to be a part of miracles happening for our unhoused friends, even if it’s “just” hearing the stories from our amazing partner organizations, like Cherry Street Mission Ministries or Food For Thought. Sometimes, we get to be an active part of the miracle.

One of the most recent miracles happened Christmas Eve. It was simply this: We got to approve two more veteran families, one of them a dad and his two children, for the rent deposit they needed. They got news of housing in time for Christmas! Veterans Matter has dispersed the funds already, and we expect they could be moved in just in time to start 2013 with their own roof over their heads.

The great thing about these kinds of miracles? We get to celebrate them, too – and we hope you do as well. We couldn’t be doing this without your support!

The 1Matters Team