Mitch Albom gives away $825,000 to charities serving DetroitMitch Albom got to play Santa Claus yesterday when he gave away $825,000 to nearly 20 different charities which enhance the lives of and health of the citizens of Detroit. From children to seniors, Mitch’s S.A.Y. Detroit covers the most vulnerable people in the famous author and radio host’s hometown, including homeless veterans.


For the second year in a row, Mitch has chosen Veterans Matter as the community solution to help end veteran homelessness in Detroit. Due to Mitch’s gift last year, along with money raised through Katy Perry and Kid Rock, and a recent donation of $20,000 for Operation Michigan from Jordan Rese’s in Ann Arbor, SIXTY THREE veterans and veteran families have been housed through Operation Michigan. That is 111 individuals, 36 of whom are children. Thank you, Mr. Albom. Thank you, Dr. Audi with the Detroit Rescue Mission. And thank you to all those who support Mitch Albom’s S.A.Y. Detroit during the 15-hour Radiothon held last December. Mitch’s donation this year will end homelessness for even more veteran families.

Mitch is one of those incredible individuals, like John Mellencamp, Gary Sinise, and others, who dedicate so much of their success and lives to giving back, to helping others find homes, find peace, and find themselves. They are nothing short of heroes to so many.

They are doing amazing things in Detroit. This video gives you an idea. Some of these programs are so easily replicable they can be done in any community! We hope you will help your community prosper.

Mr. Mitch Albom, Dr. Audi, and all the others… on behalf of all of those veterans and veterans you are helping us house, thank you!

We are grateful to be a recipient of the generosity of Mitch Albom