— We have our target. HUD announced allocations for 8,635 vouchers nationwide. With all of the urgency at our command we will begin working to raise funds nationally immediately.

— This week Veterans Matter signed an agreement with Give Us Your Poor  to participate as a beneficiary of the proceeds of the “American Music Project: Voices for Veterans” concert series. The Voices for Veterans project will culminates next spring with a national A-List concert held in NYC.  Veterans Matter, along with 100k Homes are the lead beneficiaries.  Give Us Your Poor is associated with the University of Massachusetts Foundation and the National Center on Family Homelessness.

—The first of these will be the “Ramble” staged by the Adam Ezra Group in Boston on August 24th for the newly formed New England VM chapter.

—Because our pilot program demonstrated immediate success easily raising $100,000 and was replicated in three states, VM is beginning to attract national notice.

—Veterans Matter is an incredibly efficient organization managed by donated staff and all office overhead is provided in-kind by a corporate sponsor.