samsimon“When people make donations to nonprofits, they want to know that their money goes to good use.” — Sam Simon

An article that’s gone viral recently caught the attention of our staff here at Veterans Matter. When Sam Simon, co-producer and developer of The Simpsons, was diagnosed with colon cancer, he decided to donate his remaining fortune to charities. Simon left production of The Simpsons in 1993, but retained an executive producer title, accruing him a lot of money in royalties every year after. He began the Sam Simon Foundation, which takes stray and rescue dogs that might otherwise be euthanized and trains them to become service animals. Simon devoted himself to a life of philanthropy, exclusively with organizations that saw immediate, visible results in their fundraising.

Veterans Matter was started because founder Ken Leslie saw a widespread problem with a simple solution. He saw a gap where funds could be allocated to produce those immediate results. By working directly with HUD-VASH, Veterans Matter has been able to direct money straight to homeless veterans who are waiting to get into their voucher-assisted housing. There are a large number of these vouchers handed out to homeless vets in each state, but HUD-VASH doesn’t provide the initial funds for a rental deposit, leaving a lot of housing-qualified vets on the streets. Much like Sam Simon, Veterans Matter works only to produce immediate, visible results. Our priority is efficiency and transparency: 100% of each dollar you donate goes toward the program.

VM operates with efficiency and urgency, and our fast-acting model is attracting the attention and support of celebrities such as Ice-T, Stevie Nicks, John Mellencamp, and Katy Perry. Fueled by the influence of our celebrity supporters, our donors have raised enough funds for us to house over 400 veterans.

Every time YOU donate, a vet on the street is one step closer to regaining domestic autonomy. If we all pitch in $5 right now, we could house every vet in America. That’s action with immediate results. That’s the power of Veterans Matter.