For our site visitors who aren’t as social as we are – at least, not following us on Twitter or Facebook – here are some highlights from the past week on social media from Veterans Matter.


…got excited about a much-needed transfusion of funds into Operation Michigan on Monday. (For those who don’t know how we operate, you can either donate to ‘Operation Greatest Need‘, which is any area where we have ready veterans waiting for housing but no monies to get them there, or you can donate directly to an established area of operation.)

…invited everyone (in the Toledo, OH, area) to join us this Thursday, February 19th, at Hollywood Casino for the #Dine419 Kickoff Party.

…gave some well-deserved respect to former U.S. Army Captian Jas Boothe for creating Final Salute, which has housed over 300 female veterans!

…created this little video in celebration of our third anniversary to animate the story of how we started our work.

…housed another 10 veterans/veteran families in the last week! Check our Veterans Housed to Date page for more details.

…revealed that we’re working on another PSA from our latest celebrity supporter, Toledo native political satirist P.J. O’Rourke.