For our site visitors who aren’t as social as we are – at least, not following us on Twitter or Facebook – here are some highlights from the past week on social media from Veterans Matter.


…wrapped up #Dine419, and were so grateful to our sponsors, media sponsors, restaurants, and of course, DINERS! Thanks to the following businesses and organizations for working to hard and giving so much to get more homeless veterans housed:

…were saddened by the loss of former Army staff sergeant (and famous actor) Leonard Nimoy, who passed away about one month shy of his 84th birthday. He lived long and prospered, but it’s still hard to think of him gone. RIP, Mr. Spock.

…got choked up watching this story about a former Marine who passed away homeless but not without great honor, thanks to his community.

…shared that huge veteran fan and supporter Kid Rock (one of our own supporting celebrities) has a new album out. First Kiss is now on sale, and has gotten some great reviews!


…said Happy 100th Birthday to the U.S. Navy Reserve! (Did you know that so far we’ve housed 103 Navy veterans? Want to house more? You can donate here.)

…retweeted that March is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Awareness Month.

…felt this proposal to the G.I. Bill could be a great idea to help veterans move forward.

…hit, then passed, our latest milestone of housing 550 veterans and veteran families!

…thought this story about a homeless veteran finding a valuable class ring and returning it instead of cashing in on it, who then had the owner raise over $100,000 for him, and who then decided he needed to take care of other homeless veterans, was pretty darn awesome.