For our site visitors who aren’t as social as we are – at least, not following us on Twitter or Facebook – here are some highlights from the pats couple of weeks on social media from Veterans Matter.


…decided some #MondayMotivation was in store in the form of an inspirational quote…


…spread this news story that highlights how difficult it is for many veterans to find jobs after their service.

…asked how many of our Facebook followers were into yoga when posting this story about an instructor who hopes to help heal veterans through yoga.

…saw that Oklahoma is trying to pass legislature at the state level to add support for veterans slipping through the cracks..

…were thrilled to share this new PSA video recorded by huge veteran supporter Gary Sinise, shot at the headquarters of his foundation which does much to care for veterans and their families:

…were glad to hear this long overdue idea was gaining traction.

…think this information is very important for anyone wondering if their veteran loved one might have a brain injury.

…shared our latest blog post celebrating Social Work Month by telling you about the real heroes of the VASH program.

…did a happy dance for veteran Alicia Watkins when we saw this follow-up to her story of homelessness (hint: she’s now at Harvard!).

…loved this news bit about a hero twice over.

…said a well-deserved congratulations to Operation Texas for reaching the 300-housed milestone last week. Overall, Veterans Matter has housed 567 veterans across the U.S., with 300 of them in Texas. Great job!