Celebrating 10 Years of Changing Veterans’ Lives

Ten years … it’s hard to believe. Veterans Matter was born in February of 2012 with the mission to house as many Veterans as we can as fast as we can. Ten years later, that mission is still the same. With help from average Americans who care about our Heroes as much as we do, Veterans Matter has been able to help over 5,500 unhoused Veterans.

There are many reasons why Veterans end up on the streets and while there, hope is hard to come by. Veterans Matter aims to give them that hope, hope of returning to a home, hope to start rebuilding their lives and reuniting with family, hope of getting a job and to receive the help they need to return to peace and security.

Show Your Support for Veterans

To help us celebrate 10 years and 6,000 Veterans and their families housed, we’ve teamed up with Jupmode. This one-of-a-kind t-shirt will do two things: help us spread the word about Veterans Matter and our mission to house every Hero nationwide, but proceeds from the shirt sale will go right back to Veterans Matter (helping us to house even more Veterans and their families).

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Success Story: One of the 5,500+ you’ve housed

One of the over 5,500 Veterans housed was a 63-year-old female Veteran that was living alone in deplorable conditions. She approached the VA for assistance. While living on a very limited Social Security income, her “home” had no running water and parts of the roof were missing. With the help of the VA, the Veteran was able to obtain assistance – and with further help from Veterans Matter, she was able to move into a senior living community where today she is safe, happy, and loved.

Stories like this one show how your donation and our partnership with the HUD-VA Supportive Housing Program moves Heroes from cardboard to headboard. It’s hard to believe that sometimes just a few hundred dollars is all that is preventing a Veteran from moving into a home of their own. Once housed, there is a 91% success rate that the Veteran will remain in permanent housing, forever changing the trajectory of the Veteran’s life.

Celebrate 10 Years: Pledge $10 a month for our Veterans

In this celebratory year we look back on the past years with much gratitude. We could not have helped so many Veterans without your generous support and love. However, our work is not done: there are still approximately 37,000 Veterans on the streets.

Please consider giving the gift of hope by pledging $10 a month in honor of Veterans Matter’s 10 years of serving our nation’s Heroes – those men and women who bravely put on the uniform to risk it all to defend our beautiful country.

Celebrate our 10 year anniversary by pledging $10 a month