Thank you for making a difference for homeless veterans! You are now our #1 advocate.

So what can you tell people? Simply that Veterans Matter is this incredibly innovative program that partners with the VA and uses technology to have a 100% success rate moving veterans into their own permanent homes. Started by a man who used to be homeless, Veterans Matter has now housed over 3,300 veterans in 22 states, thanks to just regular Americans and 30+ celebrities such as Gary Sinise, Kid Rock, Ice-T, Katy Perry, Susan Sarandon and many others.

And Veterans Matter needs your help getting the word out as there are over 37,000 more veterans and veteran families out there! And when they ask, you can tell them 98% of the money actually goes to programs, not administration.

You can be a lead advocate by helping to get the word out to your friends so those who care about the veterans and veteran families still on the streets as much as you do can join the campaign!

Here are some of the ways we can think of, but any ideas you have would be great:

      1. Share one of our campaign images or celebrity videos on social media.

      2. Share your story with us here or on our Facebook page. Did you donate in honor of someone? We’d love to know why Veterans Matter to you.

      3. Tell friends and followers on social media you donated. Make it personal and tell them WHY. Tell them to text “VETS” to 41444 (Here are some ideas).

      4. Or make a video with your phone telling them why you are helping and share it on our Facebook and Twitter.

      5. Join our email list to keep updated on the campaign’s progress. There’s always something happening, like the new artists coming!

      6. Don’t like emails? Then tune into our blog through our RSS feed.

And because we can’t say it enough: THANK YOU for your donation. Thank you for mattering to a homeless veteran or veteran family. Thank you for taking care of our own!

This video is a thank you from John Mellencamp and some of the veterans who have already been housed. Onward, Homeward.

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