You have now helped house over 4,000 homeless veterans in 25 states. FOUR THOUSAND. That’s a lot of veterans!

Patrick Lufkin, a Texas Army veteran, was experiencing difficulty with maintaining housing due to his income, health, and family dynamics. . . and became homeless.

Unfortunately, the only shelter in the local area had limited services due to COVID-19. Homeless and having difficulty securing housing, Patrick sought temporary refuge at a local motel while seeking assistance through the HUD-VASH program.

Patrick shared that he was in fear of his safety while staying there. . . but it was better than sleeping on a piece of cardboard.

Thankfully, the VA HUD-VASH team out of the Charles Wilson Outpatient Clinic helped him secure his HUD-VASH voucher and find suitable housing.

He needed $759, so we delivered your donations straight to the landlord covering the deposit and overcoming the ONLY barrier preventing him from entering that ready, permanent housing.

If you donated this year, it was BECAUSE OF YOU that Patrick has a safe home to lay his head at night and can begin to rebuild his life.

It really is that simple. If you haven’t made a donation yet in 2020, you can be everything to another veteran right here, right now, when they need us most.

On behalf of Patrick, I thank you!

– Ken