Late one Friday afternoon we receive a call from a VA social worker in Alabama who was in tears because the 67 year old disabled homeless veteran she is helping get housed — whom she loves dearly — is going to have to sleep out in the rain for the next three nights because he does not have enough money to pay the deposit to get into the apartment he has just waiting for him.

We asked her “How much does he need?”

She hesitated, and then replied, “The deposit is $150.”

One hundred fifty dollars…..

Ponder that for a second.



$150. That was ALL that prevented this 67 year old disabled homeless veteran, who fought for us, from crossing the ready threshold that would prevent him from spending another cold night in the rain, fighting the elements, and trying to stay safe, much less three nights.

This thought moved us to tears too.

But because of you, the donors, what was insurmountable to him was easy for us. And when I say US, I am including you, who made this possible.

With immediately approved the verbal referral and called the landlord directly. In two minutes the landlord agreed to let him in, and we mailed the check literally ten minutes later.

He slept indoors, in his own home, in his own bed that night.

This man’s life was changed because YOU donated– because YOUR DONATION makes YOU the Hero to our nation’s Heroes.

These are not just words. They are the reality our veterans face time and again. A reality you change because you too care about the veterans as much as we do.

They fought for us, now we fight for them.

If you would like to help us house the veterans that will call us tomorrow, donate any amount at or text “VETS” to 41444 – and sleep better tonight knowing that a veteran is too.

Veterans Matter. We take care of our own.


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