I haven’t written as often as I wanted this year, as we have been too busy housing veterans. In fact, we have already housed more veterans this year to date than we did in total each of the past two years. 

Even though revenue is up 25% – thanks in large measure to First Nation Jordan Reses and their $200,000 match again this year, and people like you – we are housing veterans at nearly twice the pace, from 27 a month to nearly 50 a month.

This just means in order to continue at this pace we need to work twice as hard to generate twice the revenue that will then house twice the veterans.

 The number housed would be even higher but we had to put Operation Texas on hold in July – as we had already expended all of the funds despite a 10% increase in donations there.

It breaks my heart every time we need to turn down a veteran needing us. Remember, we intentionally work to find and help the veterans who are most in need, who truly really do need us most. So when we are forced to say “no” it feels so much worse to all of us.

Simply heart-breaking.

Thankfully, in over 25+ years of advocacy, I have found that simply getting the word out to fellow advocates, allies, and supporters about a dire need results in that need being met. This, I think, is because we, as Americans, really do want to help veterans and when we know how we can have the best impact, we help. 

Well right now you can have twice the impact! There is still $50,000 left in the $200,000 First Nation Jordan Reses match. This means twice as many veterans will get housed with your donation right now:  $5, $10, $50, $100, $1000, $10,000 or $50,000 doubles the second you hit send. You can donate to any Area of Operation or to Operation Greatest Need – which we deploy where veterans need us most.

This means your donation today helps us house veterans twice as fast! You can give right now from your desktop or phone. Go to VeteransMatter.org/donate, or text “Vets” to 41444 and click through to make your donation of any amount.

We need you twice as much; veterans are dying for us to help them. Rally on with us!