We got this urgent request this morning:

Hi Ken,

I don’t know if you’re operating in South Carolina yet but, as a result of the recent flooding in our area, six (6) of our veterans lost their homes and most if not all of their belongings are gone. Several have no family, no place to go and remain in their apartments despite exposure to cold because they have no electricity and they try to ignore the mildew that is growing all around them, making them sick and threatening to take over the walls. These veterans were already struggling to find employment, some have no source of income and the landlords cannot tell them how soon the apartments can be made livable again. Ken, as you know, the cold weather is approaching and it would be a travesty to see these veterans sitting in shelters because other organizations can’t see their way clear to work together and get the results these veterans need. We need your help and hope you can assist.

Very Truly Yours,


WJB Dorn Medical Center

Columbia, SC 29209

We don’t need to say anything more. You know what we need to do. Veterans Matter: We take care of our own.

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