At Veterans Matter, we continue to grow to meet the increasing needs of the Veterans who truly have nowhere else to go. These are the ones who need us most. And we want to be there for them.

What we realized is whether it is the disabled veteran in Alabama who was going to sleep in the rain again for 3 days; or the veteran who couldn’t find an apartment that would also take his dogs that saved his life who just needed someone to cover the higher deposit; or in fact, any of the over 2,300 veterans we have housed, there are veterans falling through the cracks. If veterans have other resources available, they go there, however, those who have nowhere else to go are exactly why we started Veterans Matter in the first place – and why you give – to be there for them. Right?

And we are only able to be there for them because of you, our Fans, Allies and Advocates who are their guardian angels, raising the funds needed to get more of those who need us most into a home for the brave, in the land of the free.

Because of you, Veterans Matter is housing more veterans and faster than we ever have before. We have already housed 414 this year with 5 months to go. We housed 75 vets each of the past two months. At this pace we will end the year with 800 vets housed compared with the 600 we housed last year. If we truly want to reach our goal of #Mission1000more, however, we will need to boost up to 117 vets housed a month.

Logically then, we need to raise more funds this year than last to do it. Including gifts already committed for 4th quarter, we will need to raise an additional $250,000 to help house the 1,000 veterans who need us most. We’ve learned that when we have a target, a mission, we all pull together to accomplish this mission, together! This is our target.

Our job right now is to unite all of us into ONE cohesive force. We will be using the new Situation Report newsletter and our Allies and Advocates Facebook Group to disseminate the actions in the game plan.

Each level of Mission Tasking, Fans, Allies or Advocates will have their assignments based on what they choose. If you haven’t selected your Mission Tasking and desire to, go here to enlist.

Veterans Matter was started because we asked “What do the veterans need?” When they told us, you provided, and we delivered, 2,300+ times so far. (40,000 to go!)

Let’s roll ladies and gentlemen, our Veterans are counting on us.

Ken Leslie

Advocate in Chief